1904 is an example.

Welcome. This is a collection of puzzles of historic (and not so historic) events of the 20th century. Each year will have it's own teaser, soon. There is no particular order required to solve the problems. Check the introduction and then try 1904, the example puzzle -beware, its a challenge! Use the difficulty scale to get the feel of the puzzles (*-easiest,***-hardest). Use the star browser in the home menu.

Puzzle structure:Each puzzle is made of one or more pages. On each page are clues (text, pictures, sound files, links). These clues are usually quite remote from the solution. But they will point you to something or somewhere that will give you more info about what you should be looking for. Of course, the year is always a piece of the puzzle. Google will be needed for most levels.

Once you think you have it, click the answer link and type your answer in the field. When you click OK, you browser will attempt to open a web page named after your answer (answer.htm). If the answer is wrong, you will see an error 404 page. Go back and try again. Note that important hints are in the answer prompt.

If you have the correct answer, you will either see a victory page or you will reach the next part of the problem. The previous answer will be a clue.

1-Don't expect to solve a puzzle in 2 minutes. You will have to search google, read pages and learn!

2-If the answer to a level is a person's name, use only the last name and no caps, unless otherwise specified.

3-If the answer has 2 words, type it without space (ex. New York=newyork)

4-Answers will never have more than 2 words. No accents in answers. No clues are hidden in the source code.

5-You need java scipting enabled. Firefox users will not hear the sound hints featured on some pages.
Just download the sound file via the link.