What is this thing all about?There are two reasons why I made this web site. First I always wanted to learn how to make a web site. At the time I started learning web page basics, I was playing that great and complex notpr0n riddle. I was impressed by how immersive a game featuring a single picture on a web page can get.

Having an exclusively scientific education since high school, I sometimes get one those history cravings. Due to my carrer choices, I never got to learn as much as I would have liked. So once in a while I do an internet history session where I just browse from site to site reading on a given subject which mentions something else that gets my interest. So I start searching on that subject and it goes on and on.

So I've combined my will to make a web site with the concept of notpr0n to chronicle my google machine gunning sessions. I'm no history erudite and you don't need to be one to solve this thing.

I've made puzzles about important history events but also on funny facts and anecdotes. All these events are well documented on the internet. Wikipedia is a great source of information that I often use to find subjects.

I hope you will have as much fun playing as I have making this site.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed and needed